About us

Bringing The Market To You


Save more with Minute5! We give you the most affordable prices on all your grocery needs as you save time.

Our mission

For us at Minute5 we work tirelessly to Bring th Market To You, the customer. We know how busy you can get and how hard it is to access the food market with all the crowded and hygienically wanting space.

Our vision

To become Africa's leading online grocery delivery service. With many retail outlets set up across the major towns in central Uganda, Minute5 delivers fresh groceries from the retail outlets directly to you according to you order location. Then through our intelligent system, your order gets processed by the nearest retail outlet and then the fresh groceries are delivered to you in almost no time.


Our services to our customers

Best Prices & Offers

Since we have mastered of sourcing fresh organic food, we offer our customers with the best prices and offers. We offer competitive prices, prices the market can't even beat

Fast Same & Next Day Delivery

We offer the best quick express delivery option for those that need groceries on the go and also have the option for customers to schedule their order at the time they need it.

Wide Assortment

Being an African service, we offer almost all the locally grown food from fresh vegetables and fruits to dry foods. We also offer a number of none locally grown foods.

Our Team

The people in charge of putting all this together.
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Abdallah Kambugu

Founder and CRO

Having come up withminute5, Kambugu hopes to revolutionize the way shopping for groceries is done in Uganda. In a world changing so fast, he believes people can shift from raw methods of implementing system to automated systems. He is gifted with the knowledge and ability to identify solutions that solve global problems.

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Paul Katumba

co-founder & ceo

Self motivated developer who believes in easy start and moves every step of his career as it would have been the last. He's in-charge of minute5 functionalities and is welcome to suggestions. He has attended various technology challenges and as emerged as a victor in almost all he managed to attend. So computer-wise, he knows how to put the I's across the T's.

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Shafik Kasujja

co-founder & cfo

Shafik is exceptionally intelligent to understand how the market works and how to convey minute5 to people who wish to use little time shopping for groceries. Using his expertise in business and accounting, he also gives in the best advice on how to improve the service.